Why Wenger May Finally End Arsenal’s Trophy Drought Next Season

Looking forward to next season
Looking forward to next season

With Sir Alex Ferguson retiring, Rafael Benitez completing his interim role at Chelsea and Roberto Mancini being sacked recently, Arsene Wenger has the opportunity to make the most of these and other managerial reshuffle happening throughout the premier league. And if you judge by betting odds on both free bets sites and paid sites alike and several transfer related rumours, he is definitely out to improve the current Arsenal deal and probably end his drought.

The departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in my opinion mean they may have to struggle ( not relegation or out of the top 4 ) for some time. The arrival of David Moyes as his successor provides little assurance to United fans who have become used to silverware on a yearly basis. In fact, I will not be surprised if bookies start shorting odds on him getting sacked within the first 2 years. David Moyes has the premier league experience and overall ability to be successful in the long term, but in the short term he doesn’t have the experience of managing the biggest names in the football industry, the way he handles his feud with Rooney ( although many claim it is in the past now but I am not convinced ) may go further in proving this point.

Chelsea are in a more comfortable state since the departure of interim boss Benitez will only lead to The self acclaimed special one coming in. Although a new manager will be coming in but it is a familiar face that will be taking over from him next season. Most Chelsea fans are excited about the second coming of Jose Mourinho and rightly so, he did well in his first stint with them and a lot of people will easily place their football bets on him doing well in his second season. He is after all a seasoned manager and the most successful Chelsea manager in recent time. Although cheerful for his arrival, a speck of doubt remains. The manner in which he left Chelsea for Inter and thereafter Inter for Real may have some fans worrying about the long term managerial position. Also, his dour relationship with Real Madrid players at the end of his reign may get some thinking is the self-proclaimed “Special One” losing his touch?

Moving onto Manchester City and the Sacking of Roberto Mancini, it was a harsh decision especially after the fact that he had won the league for City just a season ago. It just goes to show that not only players, but managers too are replaceable if they fail to perform. It is being said that Manuel Pellegrini is to take over the reigns at Manchester City from next season and if this is true, City will be appointing a manager without any Premier League. He will be need time to learn the league and may be a good idea betting on City not doing well in his first year as City manager.

Arsene Wenger is now the longest serving manager from the current crop of managers in the Premier League. His history with Arsenal speaks loads of his experience in the Premier League, winning the League and FA Cup double on 2 occasions (1998 & 2002). He also has the experience of managing world class stars such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp & Robert Pires to name a few. His loyalty to Arsenal is also unquestionable, managing them through the last 8 silverware-less years wherein Arsenal have lost most of their top name stars. Arsene Wenger has what the above mentioned managers lack in one or more areas and if he takes the opportunity in front of him by ensuring the Arsenal squad is adequately equipped, Arsenal may just end their trophy drought.

Written by Taha Shaikhnag


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  1. I for one do not think that AFC can rely on any disruption in those mentioned teams, but is now in a position they have planned for. Stability and mostly debt free. It is our time now after achieving that and it is up the AFC board and AW to be aware of what is needed for AFC now, after years of burning on a low flame, and still achieving the set goals, it is time to turn up that flame and set those goals higher. AFC is to become the next great team in football for the next 10-20 years. Let the next season begin. I hope all the fans who have been impatient and those who are aware of what AFC has done are now rewarded for their long wait.

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