Why Chelsea defeated us – Arsene Wenger makes shocking revelation

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Arsene Wenger admitted that his Arsenal players were jaded after their pre-season tour finished in a disappointing 3-0 defeat to Chelsea.

The Gunners were completely outplayed in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing as they slumped to their first defeat out of the four games.

The team have travelled from Sydney to Shanghai and then Beijing on their tour, and they looked less sharp than the Blues, who were on their first game of theirs.

And Wenger stressed that the tour had finally taken its toll on the team and their performance.

Arsene Wenger has blamed Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea on tiredness in the Gunners’ squad (Image: Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

“It was a game of good level where we finally lost well,” Wenger said in his post-match press conference.”I think it was a bit of a combination for us, a good opportunity for me to see a few players that have not played a lot of games.

“We played games with a mixture of youth players and senior players and you could see that we were a bit less mature than Chelsea. It was the last day of our tour and it was quite long and we looked a bit jaded.


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  1. As there is no doubt that we need a players with a necessary skills  at all  position  ,but what i read from what Patrick Vieira said about Wenger that he has pitiful fatherly attitude for the players,no ! he has to be ruthless and merciless for the players  ,to train hard  for stamina and endurance which is a key to be able  for the whole game time continuously  mobile ,press and mark on the opponents  not to give them time and space  to pass the ball to each other , fierce and ruthless on one to one ball and  when  as a result arsenal win the ball,  go fast to the goal with precise passing , destabilize the defense , fiercely fight  around the goal  to create a space   and  shoot with venom and on target to the goal .The players always has to be trained for strength , good ball control ,precise and timely passing ,timely tackling,on target and venomous long and short range shoot on goal,trained to win a header.That is what i think required to win the title.  we have to be as our name implies  gunners which no opponents can withstand.

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