Why cannot change Arsenal’s style of play – Arsene Wenger’s shock revelation

The name Arsene Wenger is rings a bell in England for Arsenal’s distinct style of play and Wenger has stuck with his philosophy over these years.

Arsenal will play Manchester City in the Premier League tomorrow and Arsene Wenger has been full of praise for the Citizen’s manager Pep Guardiola.

Speaking ahead of the clash, Wenger explained why it’s so important for a manager to stick to what he believes in: his philosophy.

“[He is] similar [to me] – he tries to play,”  Said.

“Every manager has a personality and can only act with his own personality.

“You cannot copy a manager , you can only be who you are, and he has been influenced at Barcelona by the Cruyff period when he was a player. I think he has strong beliefs and that for me is the most important thing for a manager.”

Wenger knows better than most how important it is to stick with a system you believe in, even though it might not be the most obvious one. He’s dealt with people slamming his way of football, transfers and just about everything else for years.

Him and Pep are quite similar in that regard.


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