Why Arsenal’s First 10 Matches Could Be The Most Crucial Next Season

Arsenal squad 2013-2014With The Gunners squad currently on a 12 game unbeaten streak and big name signings set to be announced, Arsenal are certainly ready to challenge for the 2013/14 Premier League title.

As the common saying goes, ‘the title isn’t decided until May’ is a term while considered to be true, it fails to point out that the first months of the season are pivotal for teams wanting to mount a title challenge. Every side that has won the coveted Premier League title hasn’t scraped their way to glory by picking up a victory here or there, they laid a solid foundation from the start of the season and win the matches they’re expected to win.

Arsenal should be looking at the coming seasons fixtures and licking their lips. The first 10 games The Gunners are involved in include no team from last seasons top 4 as well as only four teams in the previous top 10.

This is Arsenal’s best chance to lay that foundation and continue the unbeaten run. Nothing is a given, especially when it comes to Arsenal. But when you take a look at the first ten matches (Aston Villa (home), Fulham (away), Spurs (home), Sunderland (away), Stoke (home), Swansea (away), West Brom (away), Norwich (home), Crystal Palace (away), Liverpool (home)) you certainly feel Arsenal can claim a positive result from each game.

Last season, champions Manchester United won 8 out of their first 10 games and certainly used those victories as their platform to claim their 20th title victory. Now as an Arsenal fan, I can’t stand our rivals from up north, however we must take a leaf out of their book and win at least 8 of our premier 10 fixtures in order to be considered serious title threats.

With Arsenal, as a team, looking more and more settled, the start to the 2013/14 season will, I believe, be far more different to our first two matches from last season, which resulted in two dull nil-all draws and The Gunners looking like they’ve just met one another as they were walking on to the field.

With a full season (for the new signings) under their belt and spirits still on an all time high after securing 4th place and going undefeated since the poor display at White Hart Lane, this has to be Arsenal’s greatest chance in a long time to continue the unbeaten run and go top by the start of November. Let’s hope they can stay there for the whole duration!



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  1. Ahh now wouldn’t that be a nice way to kickoff the season.
    But the 2nd game at The Ems is going to be a tough one and is just about playing a top 4 team anyway. Unless they sell monkey boy at the last minute and don’t have time to replace him.
    Now that would be a good 2nd chance to feel better if we don’t win the first 10…
    Oh to be a, GOONER!!

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