Why Arsenal MUST Abandone Jamie Vardy Pursuit And Seek Alternatives

While the saga that was generated after Jamie Vardy publicly disclosed that he wasn’t going to move to Arsenal until after the Euro’s where he will make public his decision is yet to die down, it appears that the player is not backing down on his decision as he insisted on Saturday to SkySports that he was concentrating on the Three Lions at the moment and wasn’t thinking about his future. The forward had this to say, “I’m just here completely focussing on England and that’s all I want to do at the moment.

“We’re here to represent England and that’s all I want to think about.”

This point was echoed by Arsene Wenger that who disclosed that he was convinced the forward wasn’t going to make the move to North London this summer.

Although Wenger has publicly stated he believes he will not sign the player this summer such comments must be taken by a pinch of salt as this is not the first time Wenger is denying his interest in a player but then going on to sign the player only weeks after the denial. This was the case with Spaniard Santi Cazorla who Wenger denied ever being interested in signing him only for Arsenal to sign the player two weeks from Malaga after the public denial in 2011.

Wenger is one that thrives in doing his business in secrecy and this has been his way of operation, thus the reason he signed unknown players like Laurent Koscielny, Francis Coquelin and Carl Jenkinson. It not yet clear whether Arsenal will succeed in luring Vardy to the Emirates but one thing is clear and that is that Arsenal Wenger cannot be believed in this instance.

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