Why Arsenal have the ‘easiest’ Christmas schedule in the EPL

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The festive period is crucial in the Premier League season.

With other European leagues taking a break from proceedings, the English top-flight steps things up a notch.

The Premier League take the opportunity to cram in loads of fixtures which we can all enjoy during Christmas. While the clubs may not appreciate it, the fans certainly do.

And when we say ‘cram’ we really do mean it.

The first 11 rounds of Premier League fixtures were completed in 87 days. The next 11 will be played in just 47.

Each team has to play four matches over Christmas but, with those fixtures being spread out, some clubs have a lot more rest than others.

And the BBC have produced a detailed report on how much rest each team will get.

And it’s Arsenal that are the most fortunate.

They play their four games over the course of 290 hours – around 12 days.

To put that into context, Leicester have the least amount of rest between their four matches with they being scheduled over 213 hours – less than nine days.

In terms of the top-six, Manchester United can feel hard done by. Their four matches will be played over 215.5 hours, less time than the likes of Liverpool, Spurs, Manchester City, Chelsea and, of course, Arsenal.

Take a look at the graph – courtesy of BBC:



Many managers are familiar with the tradition of squeezing in matches every few days over Christmas but one man is not happy about it – Jurgen Klopp.

The Liverpool boss recently complained about his side’s schedule with them having to play twice in 48 hours.

“We have so many games, and now the most busy time is coming!” Klopp said.

“In this circumstance, and because we are now away for two weeks, I want to ask this; is there a reason why nobody plays in the midweek, the first week of January?


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