Why Arsenal Don’t Need Nani And Why We Are Not Even Interested In Him

Nani_1The beauty of the transfer window is in two folds; the excitement and the absurdity of it. In every transfer window especially the summer, Arsenal are linked with plethora of players; the good, bad and ugly. Agents flaunt their players in Wenger’s face like wares been hawked.

This summer hasn’t been any different. While excitement was high when Arsenal were linked with a move for Manchester United’s wantaway striker Wayne Rooney, the excitement was replaced with disappointment when the same media linked the Gunners with yet another wantaway United player, this time a winger that had rightfully lost his place in the squad. I am talking about no other than Nani.

The Portuguese winger endured a torrid season at Old Trafford last season loosing his starting berth. Reports had it that he was locked in a contractual impasse with Manchester united after the club’s hierarchy refused to sanction his bogus wage demands. The same ridiculous media reported Arsenal were planning a winter window swoop for him. When that didn’t materialize, they have resumed the fairy sale again in the summer.

I am not doubting the fact that Nani might be departing Old Trafford this summer but his destination is certainly not the Emirates. Here are my reasons. Arsenal cannot grant his ridiculous wage demands. At Manchester United, he is demanding a new contract worth over 120k Pounds per week. That is in sharp contrast to what Arsenal’s highest paid players (Walcott and Podolski) are earning. Arsenal have said they are ready to accommodate big earners at Arsenal. They meant big earners that are worth their pay not big earners that are inconsistent. Nani is more of the latter. He isn’t worth 100k not to talk of 120k. On the wages, Arsenal and Nani can never be on the same page.

He isn’t going to add anything to our first team. Nani isn’t an upgrade to the wingers currently on offer at the Emirates. He can play on the right and left wing and there, we have Walcott (right), Podolski and Cazorla (left). I don’t see him displacing any of them in any of the positions. Walcott’s position on the right is almost guaranteed owing to some obvious reasons; he is currently one of the highest earners at the club and it is bad for the business to bench the highest earner. Secondly, he is a goalscoring winger, the type Wenger wants. Le Prof recently declared that Walcott might continue on the wings owing to the fact that he wants goals from the wings and Walcott provides that.

Nani isn’t any different from Walcott besides the presence of some dribbling skills. Rather than been a strength, his dribbling ability is more of a burden because he tends to dally on the ball and ends up loosing it. He is also not a good crosser of the ball, hence, his presence won’t offer Giroud more chances. Rather than making a pull-out, he prefers cutting into the box which doesn’t make him any different from what we have already. That said, he cannot displace Walcott on the right.

On the left, he will have two formidable oppositions, Podolski and Cazorla. With fully-fit Wilshere taking his place in the middle, Cazorla might have to make do with a place on the left. I acknowledge the fact that Cazorla is too good to be relegated to the bench neither is Wilshere. He is too talented to be benched. Can Nani bench Cazorla? No way. The Spaniard edges him in versatility, work rate, clinical passes and goal scoring ability.

Obviously, the only place Nani will fit in at Arsenal is a bench spot. Maybe he can edge Chamberlain and Gervinho but you will agree with me that 100k pounds is certainly too much for a bit part player.


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