Why A Change In Formation Would Help Giroud

Olivier-Giroud_GI_2360140iOlivier Giroud, signed last year from Montpellier for around £10 million, had a fairly average first season, scoring 13 goals in all competitions, but I’m here to debate whether that tally could have been improved or improved Arsenal’s goal tally last campaign, and if it could be used next season.

The formation change that I believe could have helped last year would have been to use two strikers, either placing Walcott or Podolski as a second striker. The way in which I think this move could have been beneficial is largely due to the hold up play and flick ons which Giroud is very able to provide and are some of his best attributes. With the pace and finishing of Walcott and Podolski they could easily be put into decent positions either through on goal or in a position where they can play it to a better positioned player.

Those who watched the assist Giroud made for Podolski in the game against Montepiller in the champions league last season will know what I am talking about ( that goal has now been voted as Arsenal’s goal of the second). Another goal that shows Giroud’s link up play abilities is the one Gibbs scored against Swansea in the 2-2 that we played in the FA cup.

If Podolski had have been playing at CF throughout the season I believe that we could have seen these type of link up more often not least because it is Podolski’s preferred position. Also Giroud is not the kind of player who can create goals on his own, what he is best at is receiving the ball and giving it to a playmaker to create, too many times last year I saw him stranded up front with no help and he doesn’t have the ability to create goals from that position.

By having a second striker Giroud would also be put into positions which allow him to score more goals, which he desperately needs. That said, next season could be a promising one for Giroud as he should be fully adapted to the style of the premier league and of Arsenal and stats have shown that he performs much better in his second year at a club, this coupled with the competition provided presuming Arsenal sign a new striker shows that next season could be a promising one for Giroud and Arsenal.


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  1. Girourd has clumsy ‘clown shoes’ feet. No change to our formation is going to help that.

    Good in the air: check.
    Good hold up: check.
    Big & strong: check.
    Good feet: no!

  2. I can see where you’re going with this argument and it seems to me that it is close to the core of what Wenger wants to do with his players. In his first 5-10 years, Arsenal learned to play with a scintillating style that ripped other teams apart. The other teams got fed up with this and quickly developed strategies to cope with the Arsenal style and stifle our technical advantages – we became “easy to read”. What we didn’t have was the intelligence to alternate playing styles and tactics to keep the initiative during the course of a game -& we lost our edge. I believe that le Prof is trying to build a technically adept team of players who have the intelligence and initiative to switch formations and styles to overcome opposition defence strategies. This is why he is trying to put together players who are positionally adaptable and dynamic in their attacking formations and bangs on about a player’s “intelligence”; he wants them to ad lib rather than follow a script!. Hopefully, with last year’s acquisitions bedded in, the cream of the academy players in waiting and with new talent heading towards the Emirates, this coming season will see “the Arsenal Way” achieve new heights with all of the strike force in double figures.

    1. This is exactly what i think he is doing and exactly what we need. We can rip teams apart again, but have the ability to change tactics when needed, and we have been crying out for this. The players we now have are more able to switch the game and try new things while still playing our way. We also have at least 2 good players in most positions which is what we needed.
      We are on our way gunners.

  3. fuck off …… he scored 17 goals and 10 assist in all season not 13


    EPL = 11
    EUROPE = 2
    FA = 2
    C.CUB = 2

    1. @Real Gunner, I have only allowed your comment to go through so as to have the opportunity to address you and those who will likely behave in the same manner.

      Let it be know words such as the F word are not allowed here. It is a shame that people like you will do all it takes to show their lack of proper upbringing on the Internet.

      To everyone else, the mistake is regretted.

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