“What i think of Arsene Wenger” – Franck Ribery

Arsene Wenger has been heavily criticised for the recent form of his team Arsenal.

ARSENE WENGER is not finished at Arsenal, according to Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery.

face a tough task to overturn a four-goal deficit against Bayern Munich in the Champions League tonight (7.45pm).

Pressure has begun to mount on in recent weeks – both in Europe and domestically – as he enters the final four months of his contract.

However, Bayern star Franck Ribery thinks Wenger will weather the storm and he has given the Frenchman his full backing.

“It’s a difficult situation for Arsene,” Ribery said.

“We should not forget what he has done, all the titles he has won.

“He is a great manager with everything he has done. I can only congratulate him on his great career and he is not finished yet.

“But it’s very difficult for him, it’s not easy.

“He has to continue with this team. He has lots of experience and that’s why I believe we have to be careful.

“He can motivate his players and that’s very dangerous for us.”

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