Wenger To Be Given 70 Million Warchest In January

Arsene Wenger

Wenger will have as much as 70 million or even more to spend in the January transfer window according to reports from AST ( Arsenal Supporters’ trust ). The reports which is due to be out this week was done by Arsenal supporters Trust using figures made available to the supporters body by Arsenal itself.

Although AST has not made official the reports, people who are close to the body on twitter claim the reports show Wenger can afford to spend as much as 70 million in the January transfer window should he decide he wants to or should the club allow him to.

Arsenal are currently short in various areas in their squad with injuries to key players such as Arteta, Chamberblain, Podolski, Cazorla, Rosicky and the likes. Wenger is said to be making plans in advance for the January window as he tries to recruit a striker, a new defender and winger to brief up his very tin squad.


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  1. I didn’t believe him when he said we were going to buy top class player. But he got Ozil. So maybe he will surprise us once again. I hope so 🙂

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