We Will Sign New Players – Wenger Assure Arsenal Fans

Arsenal squad 2013-2014To douse tensions, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has come over to tell the fans the club’s management is working on new signings. Arsenal have been linked with several players during the current transfer window but they have only successfully signed Yaya Sanogo from France for a nominal fee.

Many fans have been increasingly worried and rightly so as this summer’s window is looking increasingly like the last 8 windows before it. However, Wenger is assuring the fans that the status quo will surely not remain the same this time around.

While talking on a Google hangout, Wenger said :

“We are still working on improving our squad. But we have a base of young players, players who started in the Premier League with us, like Wojciech Szczesny, Carl Jenkinson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

“That is why what we do is unique. Look at our competitors, who in the last 10 years has started for them in the Premier League and is still there now?

“I believe my squad have a special bond and that they are on their way upwards, they are not over the hill, they will get better. I am confident we will be stronger next season.”

It is left to be seen whether Wenger actually means what he is saying or he is merely talking as the Wenger of old who promises much and delivers virtually nothing when it comes to signing players.


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  1. More bullshit Wenger ! With the players we had last season we barely scraped in to 4th place. You and your frugal chum Gazidis are bit by bit destroying our club. Stop living on (long time) past glories.

    You make promises every season to buy, just to sell season tickets!! You went after Hugain & Suarez knowing you had no chance. You could then tell all us loyal fans ” I tried” Time to move on and take Mr G & Mr K with you !

  2. Arsenal have the money to buy a few reinforcements including Suarez, Wenger needs to be bold and his problems will be over, i do support current players who are coming up and clearance of deadwood is very positive, Arsenal are in a strong position to stregnthen with around four players from goal, DM, Creative mid, a Killer striker and they/we will be firing forsure.

  3. I’m an Arsenal fan of 55 years, spending a lot to watch this team. Never have we had such an arrogant, deluded manager as Arsene Wenger. My heart goes out to my fellow supporters. By Christmas Wenger will be out in disgrace if he doesn’t strengthen our thin squad.

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