Update On Julian Draxler To Arsenal Rumours


German football pundit Jan AageFjortoft has come out with news that will deal a heavy blow to Arsenal fans who were expecting a Julian Draxler shaped signing to arrive in the summer.

Draxler has been linked with Arsenal since last January, in a manner akin to the way celebrity relationships are reported in tabloids, with juicy quotes and a bit of clairvoyance to suggest what a happy union it would make for all involved and yet it seems that Bayern have played their hand to ruin all that gossip material and give birth to some new gossips.

Publishing on micro-blogging site Twitter, Fjortoft was of the understanding that Bayern were willing to pay a part of the transfer fee this summer and allow Draxler to continue at Schalke till the summer of 2015, a deal which the selling team would consider more beneficial to the team than any that Arsenal could offer.

“I understand Bayern will try to make a deal with Schalke where they pay part of the fee now, but Draxler will come to Bayern 2015. I have been told that Arsenal felt they ‘lost’ the player when Bayern entered the stage. But I understand player hasn’t decided yet,” tweeted Fjortoft, in what has to be the most concise manner in which anyone has broken Arsenal fans’ hearts this season.

Cornucopias of other clubs were also linked with the German prodigy but none were considered to be an attractive enough position for him like Arsenal. He had spoken in glowing terms about Arsenal and his imminent transfer to Bayern will be heart wrenching; now that Arsenal are resigned to losing the player.

But this supposed setback in Arsenal’s plans for the summer should not deter the management at the club as they’re used to these kinds of situations and have had plenty of experience from the recent past. All that remains for the club to do now is to move on, find a better target and make haste in signing him.


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