Unbelievable! Latest update of Allegri completing Arsenal deal

According to Italian journalist, Valentina Fass, Massimiliano Allegri could move to Arsenal in the summer but it’s not something he’s talking about personally.

As we suspected, a recent story that originated from Calciomercato, which claimed that Allegri has informed friends that he will replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, was all a bunch of rubbish.

Fass, who’s worked with Sky Sports since 2005, recently claimed that it’s just the media who are talking about Allegri going to Arsenal – not the manager personally.

“The link to Arsenal is something that is spoken about very often, it could happen,” she told Sky Sports.

“The first thing we have to understand is whether Arsene Wenger, who’s contract is ending this season, wants to renew again.

“Apparently the club has told him that if he wants to continue, he can, so we have to know whether there is a job to go for.

“Allegri, I think, would probably be interested in a move but he’s not talking about it at all. It’s something we are talking about [in the media].”

Why do I believe this and not that?

Unlike Calciomercato’s claims, Fass isn’t reporting anything sensational. In fact, she’s pretty much echoing what most people feel at the moment: that Allegri is a decent candidate for the job and he could take over from Wenger but this isn’t his priority right now.

It’s common sense. She’s not making up information or twisting info that she does have to fit her agenda and get air time. Nor is she pretending to have contacts in places she doesn’t.

No one knows what Wenger’s next move will be and I highly doubt the Juventus boss would start making such huge claims before being certain.


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