Transfer Update: Arsene Wenger “Forget New Signings, All We Need Is Luck To Conquer League”

Arsene Wenger is at it again, trying to justify the show of shame we saw yesterday from the team. There is no excuse tenable for failure but Wenger is good at justifying the reason for his teams failure. *sighs*

We were thumped 4-3 against Liverpool yesterday at the Emirates. We saw a disjointed and inexperienced team, who defense played like school boys. But who would you blame, the manager ofcourse, he buys the players, he selects them and make excuses for their failures.

Speaking after the shock defeat yesterday, Arsene Wenger claimed his players weren’t ready to play.

“We pushed players today like Ramsey,” he said.

“It is an impossible situation to get players back from the Euros and prepare.

“You are in a catch-22 situation with the Euros, whether to give players a rest who need it. They are not ready to play this sort of game and get injured, like Ramsey, or you give them a rest and not have them for the start.”

“You have to consider, as well, that we have been unlucky with losing Mertesacker and Gabriel, and having Koscielny not fit.”

Despite the obvious need of a striker and a defender for the team, Wenger has stubbornly refused to bolster his squad. He should take the responsibility for the poor display we saw and move into the transfer market swiftly to remedy what might turn out a calamitous season.


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