Title Race – Vermaelen Rallies His Troupe


Arsenal captain rallies his troupe, and declares that title hope not yet lost as his team prepares to take on Swansea this evening.

The last loss to Chelsea was so massive that millions of Gunners all over the world as well as pundits have started writing the team off. Last Sunday after the match against Southampton, Spurs boss Tim Sherwood boastfully claimed that his team was going to usurp the Gunners from 4th place. Though, Sherwood’s comment is nothing to worry about as his predecessor also made negative remarks against Arsenal last season; but we all know how his team ended.

Not allowing all the negative and discouraging remarks being made about the team in the press and from other sources; captain Thomas Vermaelen has rallied his troupe to brace up for a fight. In an interview he gave to TV Telenet, and published on Sky Sports website, Vermaelen explained thus:

“It’s a pity that we haven’t played well in the away games against the top teams, but there’s nothing wrong with our mental strength.

“There are still eight games to go and in the Premier League anything is possible.

“All of the teams are strong and every team can beat another. We still have to believe in it.”

The Gunners as it stands are 7 points adrift current league leaders Chelsea with a game against Swansea in hand. With 8 more fixtures to go and 2 of those matches against Man City and Everton; Arsenal will need a lot of strength and hope luck counts in their favour to win the league this season. It does means that the Gunners would have to count on other teams to do them a big favour aside from winning their own matches.

Arsenal cannot afford to drop anymore points as the league draws to a conclusion. We hope Vermaelen has spoken the minds of other team players as Arsenal cannot afford to go another season without a trophy.

While the league title seems a big ask considering the team’s position on the league table right now; the FA Cup presents the club the biggest opportunity to win a trophy this season.


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