The truth on Mesut Ozil’s ‘bust-up’ with Unai Emery revealed

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ARSENAL defender Nacho Monreal has dismissed claims that Mesut Ozil had a bust-up with manager Unai Emery.

Rumours that the pair had fallen out with one another started doing the rounds before , which Ozil missed due to illness.

Monreal is adamant no such falling out occurred and has claimed the alleged row between the former Germany international and Emery was made up.

“People have been a bit unfair with him,” Monreal told The Evening Standard. “He is a very famous player and obviously people love talking about him.

“Recently, it is always bad things. Like last time, he was sick and that’s why he didn’t play

“People started to invent that he had a problem with the manager. It wasn’t like that. He got a cold, he was sick, that’s it. That’s why he didn’t play.”

Emery himself denied suggestions of a rift between himself and the former Real Madrid man, saying: “Why is this information (out there). It isn’t true. I don’t know who is telling you this information.

“He sat down with me and we decided that he would not play. He left training because he was going to his home because he is sick.

“Today he was here, I told him to come in if he feels better and he feels better today and before the match he was with the team.

“He is bad with sickness. There is no problem with the player, speak with the doctor he can explain better.”

One of the biggest criticisms levelled at Ozil by Arsenal fans is his that he lacks passion on the pitch.

Monreal insists it’s not in the German’s nature to be aggressive and argumentative on the field, adding: ”People must understand that every player is completely different.

“He is like that [quiet] and 10 years ago he was the same.


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