The Reasons For And Against Arsenal Signing David Villa

What Is The way forward
What Is The way forward

There has been lots of speculation recently in the press about the future of Barcelona striker David Villa, with one report even saying that he may have signed a pre-contract agreement with Arsenal, meaning he would be joining us this summer provided Arsenal and Barca can reach an agreement over the fee. Regardless of this I am going to discuss whether or not he would be a good signing for us.

Firstly I am going to talk about the pros of this potential signing. Villa is a world class finisher, something the current Arsenal squad lacks bar Podolski and Walcott, this shown by the fact that he is Spain’s all time leading goal scorer. If he arrived he would also bring with him a vast amount of experience, something that would definitely help all our players, not least our young forwards, Walcott and the ox. Not only would he bring with him a vast amount of experience but a great winning mentality.

He has won almost every honour possible; la liga, champion’s league, cops del rey, European championship and World Cup, it must also be noted that he was top scorer at the euros in 08 and won the silver boot at the latest World Cup. I believe that he is also a player that would easily slot into Arsenal’s team given the style of play that he is suited to and having played at Barca for the last 3 seasons of his career. However, variety is one of his strongest attributes and that is what I personally believe Arsenal will benefit from the most if he actually signs. Currently Arsenal are very one dimensional up front with Giroud the only real option we have, Villa could play either as a second striker off Giroud, lead the line himself, or offer variation as a winger (a position he is more than capable of playing).

Now, the cons. Signing Villa would only be a short term option given that he is currently 31, meaning he could only play top level for perhaps 2-3 more seasons unless he is like Dennis Bergkamp who played till he was 37 years old and of course we know the chances of that happening is very small. Furthermore there are doubts about his fitness as he has had two leg breaks in the last couple of seasons. However he did break his leg as a four year old and seemingly got over that quite well. Would Villa be able to play top level football at least twice a week, unlikely, meaning that Arsenal would probably have to look for another top class centre forward. Another issue is the fee, Barca are believed to be wanting roughly £12 million for Villa, a large price and one that Wenger may be unwilling to pay given his age and that he only has 1 year left on his contract.

Would Villa be a good signing? You decide, post your comments below.


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  1. David Villa is a world class player that i desire to see play for arsenal on day,i’ve been happy ever since the speculation hots up,but considering his age,his release clause is really to much but anything around £9.5m downwards can be accepted.

  2. vila wud be gud. But if wenger signs him, he must nt stop at dat but must also add higuan or bentele to beef up d attack 4 next season. Up gunnez 4 life.

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