Striker Confirms He Was Close To Joining Arsenal

One of the things we have had to deal with in recent times as fans of London’s most famous club is defending the way our transfer policies have been handled in the last few years. Arsenal fans all over the world have had to deal with a lot of heartaches especially when it comes to transfers. We never seem to get it right year in year out. Forget about the signings of the Henrys and Vieras of this world; those are past us now. We are talking about events that have taken place since we made that move to our new stadium at the Emirates.

Our transfer policy seems to have hit an all-time low with the shocking revelation of former Chelsea player who now plays for Lille of France. In a recent story published in the Guardian on Sunday, Kalou was said to have rejected an opportunity to join Arsenal on loan in the last January transfer window. This is not only embarrassing to say the least; it is also shocking and if true, then is bound to elicit a lot of questions in the coming days.

The player was quoted by L’Equipe as saying: “A possible departure?” “Yes to Arsenal. It could have been done as a last minute loan. But I want to finish third, prepare for the World Cup Stadium and go to the Stade de France to compete in the final of the Coupe de France”

The question now is whether or not Kalou was approached by officials of the club; but how on earth could someone in the club ever consider signing him? Kalou may have hit good form in France, but that is not enough reason for a club like Arsenal to be desperate about his signature. The fact he turned us down makes it even more embarrassing; we at this stage shouldn’t be running after a player fast past his hey days.

We have been through enough pains and suffered untold heartaches in the past two transfer windows. We had all the time in the world to sign Draxler from Schalke in the last window, but we couldn’t do it for whatever reasons best known to parties involved. In the end, we could only come up with a crocked player; one who has not been able to make the reserve team since he signed with us.

It is embarrassing to think that we have a huge cash reserve in the bank, and yet being linked with the Kalous of this world. Wenger or Dick Law or whoever is responsible for this mess needs to take a good look in the mirror and ask if Kalou was the best we could get last January.

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  1. we need draxler,benzema,remy,coasta andcasilas if we need the team should be strong enough to face any big teams and we need esperience player who knows about championship very well

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