Skysports/Skybet Confirms Jamie Vardy To Arsenal Deal Is Still Happening

If you believe Skybet which is a company owned by Skysports, Jamie Vardy could still become an Arsenal player before the transfer window closes by 11pm on September 3rd 2016. Skysports are general reliable when it comes to transfer news and when they claim “skysports sources understand that” many believe the deal is very likely to happen.

Now, skybet are practically claiming Jamie Vardy will sign for Arsenal this summer. Skybet were taking bets on Jamie Vardy joining at 10/3 price but that price has now been shortened to 2/1 which is an indication that the company has been privy to some classified information in regards to rhe future of Jamie Vardy.

It is even more interesting if you consider the fact that Skybet decided to shorten the odds of Vardy joining Arsenal a day after Skysports the parent company confirmed there is still a chance of Vardy signing for Arsenal despite Wenger claiming he feels Vardy will remain at Leicester City for the moment.

Arsenal had on June 7th activated the release clause of Jamie Vardy. The player reportedly agreed personal terms worth £120,000 a week for three years contract with the Gunners but Leicester moved quickly to counter Arsenal’s offer. Vardy is however yet to make a decision on whether he wants to remain at Leicester or accept the offer from Arsenal.

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