Skysports Latest News: Arsene Wenger PRACTICALLY Gives Up On Winning The EPL Amid Transfer Of Striker

The Premier Leage title has eluded Arsenal for over a decade and there’s hardly non of the EPL-Trophy drought seasons that passed without Arsene Wenger making up excuses for the team’s failure to conquer the title.

Time was when, we were told that there was inadequate funds to buy players as a result of the Emirates Stadium project. Thankfully, the Stadium was opened in 2006 and our transfer activities is unimpressive hitherto.

Since the open the Emirates Stadium, we have seen more notable player’s left than were signed. Nasri, Van Persie, Fabregas, Sagna, Clichy, and Henry have all left the club as they thought they could not win the title with Arsenal and rightly, their departures have been justified.

Although, we have seen quality players signed for Arsenal since then but Koscielny, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez and Cech are the only world class players we have signed in the last decade. You’d agree with me that the lack of transfer activities has cost us the trophy more than anything else in the world.

Speaking to Skysports at the Premier League launch Wenger has practically made up excuses for his anticipated lose of Premier League title and ceded it to Liverpool and Chelsea. He is in the claim that their absence from European tournaments means they are in a better position to conquer the title.

“Yes, they are not in the Europa League so that will be an advantage for them.”

Leicester City stunned English football by winning the title last season and Wenger thinks up to eight clubs could triumph this time round.

He said: “That’s very difficult to predict and is one of the problems in the modern Premier League, who expected Leicester to be champions last season? Nobody.

“Today you have to take into account seven or eight teams who can win it.

Before Leicester City won the title, have seen Chelsea and Manchester United did very well in Europe and the domestic competition. Wenger must devoid himself of excuses and expand his squad with quality players that can make him rotates his injury prone squad and compete favorably for the title.

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