Shocking News : Why Suarez Didn’t Sign For Arsenal Is Revealed

Liverpool might have survived the summer storm with Suarez eventually staying put but the question in everyone’s mind is for how long they will be able to hold on to the wantaway Uruguayan. His compatriot and friend has given an inkling to why Suarez is still at Liverpool.

“It is no surprise to me at all that Luis has come back for Liverpool and is scoring goals right away”.

“He is the most complete striker in England – and one of the most complete strikers in the world. Ability and confidence is no issue for him, he will score a lot of goals this season I am sure”.

“I am sure Liverpool fans are very happy Luis stayed – he will be a big player for them. I think Arsenal was not Luis’s dream move, maybe if it had been Real Madrid then it would have been a different outcome – but of course Madrid were concentrating on a different target this summer.

“It is his dream club – and a club he thinks is worth waiting for.”


Interesting thoughts from Cavani. Well, he is right. Every player has a dream club but not everyone of them gets to play for the club of their dreams. Suarez might want Real but do the Los Blancos want him? With Benzema misfiring for Real Madrid, the Spanish giants have been linked with a move for a new striker in the winter window and a poll amongst fans showed that Falcao is the desired target. Spain is where president buy players to please the fans and not to strengthen the side.

The players they buy are who the fans want and not necessarily what they need simply because they will need it to get the fans to vote for them to secure victory in the election and presidential elections are drawing closer with Perez wanting to stay on to achieve his dream of been the President under whom Real Madrid won the La Decima. In the light of this, he would want to remain in the good books of Real’s fans and that could mean a move for Suarez will never materialize. He has already irked them by selling Ozil, he won’t want to further anger them by buying who isn’t their preferred choice.

When the desired isn’t available, then, the available becomes the desired. What Suarez needs is a club that would give him Champions League football consistently and a decent shot at the title, Arsenal offer that and with him in the Gunners’ fold, decent shot could become real shot.

Cavani who has suddenly become an apostle of dream club, why didn’t he force a move to Real Madrid himself? I thought he once declared the Los Blancos were his dream club? Yet, he ended up at PSG. That tells you dream isn’t all there is to a move.


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