Shocking – Jose Mourinho Shades Arsene Wenger yet again

If Jose Mourinho is know for anything more than being a Manchester United coach is his loquacious nature and constant feud with Arsene Wenger.

In game dominated by Manchester United, Arsenal got an equaliser late in the second half and maintained the 6points lead we have over Manchester United.


Mourinho was an animated figure pitch side and after the game and explained the result was ‘very bad’ after such a good performance.

‘Results not good enough, especially if you compare the results with the way the team is playing,’ said Mourinho in his press conference.

‘For example, if you have a draw with Arsenal, it’s quite a normal result.

‘It’s not a dramatic result to draw against a very good team like Arsenal.

‘The drama is you play so well, you dominate totally, then the result becomes really bad because the way we are performing.

‘Especially the last three matches at home, we can say we lost three points – Stoke, Burnley and Arsenal – when we play more than enough to have results reflecting the performance.’

We face Paris Saint Germain a few hours from now and we will be looking to bounce back from the draw.


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