Shocking – Iwobi Reveals Sanchez’s Off-Pitch Behaviour Revelation

After a dismal and unacceptable start to the season, Arsenal have steadily improved and we have closed in on the Premier League leaders Manchester City.

Arsenal form impressive results this term can be attributed to the form and energetic display of Chilean international Alexis Sanchez, who has scored four league and created up to eight scoring chances.

The Chilean is well known for his work-rate on the pitch, and is often a crucial part in Arsenal’s strategy to press from the front.

However, Nigerian international Alex Iwobi has revealed that sanchez is currently the most hardworking player we have.


“Alexis is the hardest worker. When Arsene is talking , sometimes he starts doing press-ups.

“We’re like: really?”

He is very strong but human. Wenger must exercise caution in the way he uses the player. Alexis must be forced to rest when necessary.


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