Shocking! “Don’t Listen” Thierry Henry’s message to Sanchez over Arsenal deal

There has been so doubt over the future of two of Arsenal’s best players Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, but Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has sent his own advice to the Chilean international.

The Arsenal legend took part in a live video segment for Sky Sports’ Facebook page and said that although Alexis could end up joining his Chilean buddy, Arturo Vidal, at Bayern Munich or could even go to PSG, he should at Arsenal.

The pundit even told Alexis he shouldn’t listen to anyone – just stay!

“If he ever leaves then you would think the likes of Bayern are going to come, Paris St-Germain,”  he said.

“Maybe joining his friend [Arturo] Vidal at Bayern Munich so we’ll see. But stay… don’t listen to anyone, find a way, stay!”

To be fair, I’m pretty sure Arsenal fans everywhere will be nodding their heads enthusiastically at Henry’s advice given that Alexis only has 18 months left on his existing contract. While I say ‘only’, negotiations are underway and Arsene Wenger seems confident that they’ll have a positive outcome.

While Henry may be biased towards Arsenal, he’s also been in the Chilean’s shoes before. He was one of, if not the, most important player for the Gunners at one point. He knows better than anyone what that means and what leaving could result in.

Listen to Thierry Henry, Alexis!


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