Shocking – Arsenal Star Blasts Mourinho After Chelsea Demolition

Just yesterday, Chelsea gave Mourinho’s Manchester United a dose of Arsenal’s medicine they received, but this time, it was 4-0, one more than they conceded from Arsenal.

The game did not end with Jose Mourinho been trolled by Chelsea supporters and former Arsenal hero Lucas Poldolski.

Shockingly, a dismally performing United were 4-0 down inside 70 minutes against the Blues, and Chelsea were yet unrelenting.

United were on course for one of the worst results in their Premier League history and Galatasaray forward Podolski couldn’t resist a sly dig at Mourinho on Twitter.

Mourinho has dropped Germany legend Bastian Schweinsteiger completely from his squad and Podolski showed his support for the midfielder with a tweet during the game followed by a wink emotion.

Things couldn’t get much worse for Mourinho right now….


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