Ramsey Named Arsenal Player Of The Month


Arsenal and Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey has been named Arsenal player of the month for August after a series of eye catching performance from the Welshman. Ramsey has shone like a million star after replacing Arsenal’s vice captain Mikel Arteta who is out due to injury.

Ramsey scored a total of 3 goals in the said month. All the goals were scored in the crucial champions league double leg match against Turkish giants Fenerbache to help put Arsenal through to the group stage of the UEFA money spinning competition.

Ramsey who have been heavily criticized ( mostly wrongly in my opinion ) by many Arsenal fans after coming back from a leg break and having to play out of position ever since, won the player of the Arsenal player of the month by scoring as much as 77% of the total number of votes. Giroud came a very distant second with just 13.9% of the votes.

Ramsey who has been used mainly as a defensive midfielder so far this season has shown he can not only play the defensive midfield role well, but can also get forward to help his team when needed. This is shown by the 3 goals he scored for Arsenal last month.

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One comment

  1. Jack will do better in the double pivot Arsenal Midfield when he play in the DM role and Aaron as the CM. He though doesnt like to play there, he is better than Aaron in that role. His passes are more intricate and needful to build our attack from defence. He also commands a lot of resistance with his hard marking. But, he faces too much horrendous tackles when he tries to run with the ball through the midfield as a CM or CAM. He doesnt also cover well enough for Aaron when playing as the CM. Moreover, Ramsey is more combative, and from the CM will makeup well for DM-Jack to make thick cover for our backline. We cannot afford to loose Jack to another long lay off by exposing him to delibrate horrible challenges in the middle of the park. With Wilshere behind, powerhouse Ramsey runnig box-to-box, as Giroud is holding up play for Santi and Rosciky to provide necesary weapons for Walcott, anyone can then tap in goal the Arsenal way! Jekinson should continue as the RB. Bench: Vilviano, Vermalean, Sagna, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Ozil and Podolski.

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