Picture : Even Zidane Smokes, Jack Wilshere Defends Smoking Habits

Jack Wilshere cigaretteArsenal and England youngster Jack Wilshere has taken to twitter to defend himself over claims that he is a smoker. Earlier yesterday, a picture of Jack Wilshere in a club was doing the round on the social media which Wenger claim he was not happy with when he was queried about it during his pre-game press conference yesterday.

Wilshere has however defended himself by claiming he is no smoker and also posting a picture of former World footballer of the year Zinedine Zidane smoking. By posting the picture, Wilshere seem to be sending a message that there is no problem with smoking but he cheekily added that he doesn’t smoke.

The Picture posted can be found below :

Jack Wilshere

I hope what Wilshere is saying that he is no smoker is true but trying to use the picture of Zidane to justify his action is poor.


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