Picture : Arsenal Fans Attacked By Napoli Fans

Napoli Ultras

They are known for the notorious and nefarious thuggery and yes they have stucked again. Napoli fans ( thugs ) have reportedly attacked Arsenal fans just few hours before their team lost to Arsenal in the second match day of the UEFA champions league. Unlike Milan and other ultra groups that are known to attack other Ultra groups, Napoli fans actually attacked Arsenal fans.

They reported struck at pre-match pie and mash restaurant the piebury corner, were many families and their kids were reportedly eating just before the match. An Arsenal supporter who goes by the name Tim Garwood ( see picture below ) was reportedly injured with a cast-iron garden furniture and was left in his own blood before owners of the restaurant took him to the hospital for treatment.


The MET police claim the attack started when 30 Napoli fans got involved in an argument with Arsenal fans on their way to the stadium. Whatever the argument was based on was not released by the MET police but the police came the Napoli fans went violent as a result of the argument.

The incident is reported via the video below :


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