Photo! See Arsenal fans new Alexis Sanchez banner, he’ll be delighted

There is so much talk about the possibility of Alexis Sanchez leaving Arsenal soon. However, the fans are ensuring that the Chilean is very comfortable and passing a message of love to the Chilean.

As you may have already heard, REDaction were planning on putting together an Atom and Humber banner in honour of Alexis Sanchez’s two dogs.

Well, they’ve made two.

One banner, which stands 1 metre x 6 metres, will be displayed on the upper tier at the Emirates permanently and will go some way towards showing how much the fans appreciate our Chilean demi-God.


The second is 2 x 9 metres and will be displayed at club level. This one’s only temporary.


Of course, there are always going to be the odd few (or many) who have no souls and want to take issue with the fact a banner has been made for two dogs. However, I personally see no problem in potentially bringing a smile to the man’s face when he’s brought us so many.

I’m sure he’ll see the funny side, as should fans.

Back in December, the 28-year-old spoke about his two faithful companions, hailing their energy and making it clear that these animals aren’t just pets to him.

“My dogs are very special for me,” he told Arsenal Player. “I appreciate their positive energy, especially after I have played a football game. Sharing my time with them makes me feel relaxed. I talk to them even though they have no clue about what I say!

“They are great friends. They have been together since they were very young and they get on with each other really well. I have their names written in my football boots. Atom’s name is in the right one and Humber’s is in the left shoe.

“Whenever we play away I leave Atom and Humber with my friends. I miss them a lot because they give me a lot of positive vibrations. They look at me with shiny eyes when I wake up every morning, I just love the fact they want to play with me all the time.”

Hopefully, Alexis sees the banners flying high and it’ll bring a smile to his face. Even if it’s purely because a group of fans made two banners dedicated to his dogs.


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