Offer made: Arsenal to seal transfer of 29 year old striker

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Danny Welbeck reportedly won’t be getting a new Arsenal contract so that means he can leave for free when his Arsenal contract expires in the summer.

That, of course, won’t happen.

By the time the summer rolls around, Welbz will still be recovering and Arsenal will work out some sort of deal to allow him to regain his fitness with the club.

How long that deal will last, what shape it will take, and many other questions are all up in the air, so while I’ve no doubt that certain clubs will be considering a move for Welbeck, anything other than guesswork at this point would seem suspicious.

I first picked this story up on an Italian site who said their source was the Mirror.  They claim, in an article that doesn’t even have a journalist’s name attached to it, that the Turks will move for Welbeck in the summer when his deal expires.

If that’s true, why wait? As his deal does indeed expire in the summer, Welbeck can speak to whatever foreign club he likes in January.

Every time it seems like Welbz is on the move Galatasaray’s name comes up. The price is certainly more in their wheelhouse now than it has been at any point previously.

The Mirror also write that Galatasaray will ‘insist that Welbeck is able to prove his fitness from the latest injury that threatens to derail his career.’ They write this as if they have inside info when, in reality, it is simply common sense.

Every player has to prove his fitness before he signs for a new club. It’s known as a ‘medical’.


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