Not Higuain Or Lacazette – Arsenal On Verge Of Signin 16-Goals Attacker

The wife of Arsenal target Mauro Icardi has confirmed his unsettled husband who ply’s his trade at Serie A club Inter Milan is leaving the San siro club because the Italian team can no longer afford him.

The wife of the Inter Milan striker has been talking about one of the stranger transfer stories involving the Gunners at the moment. Icardi’s wife discussed the player future and confirmed that, since the Milan club can no longer afford her husband, the striker will be leaving the Italian club this summer. The reason why she is being quizzed about her husband’s future is unknown, but what we know is that she knows a whole lot about the entire situation.

She was quoted as saying,

“As far as I can see, Inter want to sell him,”

“Many clubs are interested, we will make an evaluation together.

“Mauro would like to stay, but we understand the situation of the club, which, evidently, can’t afford to keep Icardi.”

Their motives are also unknown, as some players do things like this to ask for an improved contract from their Emplyers. Maybe Icardi is hoping to get an improved contract as well, or is he is truly hoping for a move out of the Serie A club? This could as well be a trick to draw Inter Milan out so they pay him more. Or, maybe they need the money so badly that they could be forced to accept any bid that comes their way.

Most times, it always look a bit strange when the partner of an unsettled footballer  goes out to speak to the media to answer questions on their husband’s future, whether the Gunners are truly interested or not.

Only time will tell if he will eventually make a switch to the Emirate club, but I seriously doubt the Gunners will make a move for him.

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