Midfielder’s agent confirms Arsenal agreed deal with midfielder – not Seri

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Jorginho’s agent seems very excited about all the reports of interest in his client and happy to continually talk to the Italian media about it.

Mostly linked with Manchester City, the midfielder has also been sporadically linked with Liverpool and Chelsea. Mentioned a few times, but not quite as much in the picture are Arsenal.

Despite the London club not yet having a new manager in place following the exit of Arsene Wenger, it doesn’t appear they’ve left transfers on the backburner.

Joao Santos has been speaking to Radio Crc in Italy, and Corriere dello Sport have picked up his quotes: “I’m in Brazil, nobody called me from Naples, but they called me from the English teams, Liverpool, Manchester City, but also Arsenal and Chelsea.

“Open negotiations? Depends on Naploli and sports director GiuntoliOf course it is not difficult to find agreements with teams of this type. I don’t know if a possible goodbye by Sarri would speed up the goodbye of Jorginho, if for Naples it will be positive to capitalise on the offers then we will talk. I don’t know if Jorginho’s future depends on the permanence or otherwise of Sarri.”

That very much means all those clubs are in the race to sign the Serie A player, with the agent not making things a secret. He’d earlier been quoted on Thursday saying that if Manchester City can agree a fee with Napoli then he can go there.

Napoli won’t sell cheap, and if it’s correct Arsenal have joined Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City in vying for the player then Jorginho is going to be costly.


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