Midfielder left Tottenham after 3 weeks to join Arsenal – Latest Arsenal News

Midfielder left Tottenham after 3 weeks to join Arsenal

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Reiss Nelson spent three weeks with Tottenham when he was a youngster but as soon as the call came from Arsenal he was outta there.

The Arsenal youngster signed a new deal this week before heading off to Hoffenheim for what should be an exciting season on loan in the Bundesliga.

Scouted by Tottenham when he was just a tot, Nelson began training with Spurs but was only there three weeks when Arsenal called his family.

“I’m an Arsenal fan, everyone in my family is, so it was not a hard decision,” Nelson recalled.

“When I was growing up, I used to have loads of Thierry jerseys hanging on my wall”, he told Arsenal.com before he left.

“My mum used to work really hard to buy those shirts so when I got one I could wear, I used to have it on every day. School, parties, playing football with my friends… if I you saw me around London in those days, I’d be reppin’ Henry’s famous 14.

“I never thought the day would come where people had my name on the back of their shirt but since I’ve broken into the first team, I’ve seen a few on matchdays around the Emirates and obviously in the dressing room, too. When you see your name hanging there with all the other footballers in the dressing room, it just makes you so proud.

“I was only nine years old when I was first spotted by Arsenal. Back then, I would wake up early to get the train to Catford with my brother three times a week. I was there for about two months playing for a team called Moonshot and then I actually got scouted by Tottenham. 

“I was at Tottenham for three or four weeks, and then a phonecall from Arsenal came and I went to Arsenal’s training ground. After the first session, they wanted to sign me so happy days. I didn’t look back.”


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