Mathieu Flamini In Trouble At Arsenal

Arsenal midfielder landed himself in trouble 2 weeks ago when he cut the sleeves on his shirt he wore against Manchester United. The club have a strict policy that all players must wear the same sleeve length on matchdays, a decision that is made by the captain on the day.

It was club captain Thomas Vermaelen who had the choice of whether to use long or short sleeves and the Belgian decided the Gunners would go out in long sleeves, however Flamini didn’t want to do that and so he cut off his sleeves, much to the anger of many of the club staff.

Flamini spent four years at the club between 2004-2008 and should know about the strict rule that has been in place for several years but it seems it slipped his mind when he took scissors to his sleeves.

His actions were not noticed until midway during the second half and kit man Vic Akers took him aside after the game to warn him not to do it again, however Flamini didn’t take Vic’s words to well with the pair having a heated debate.

A source later commented on the incident.

“Vic & Mathieu had heated words at the end of the game.”

“It is a tradition that all players wear the same shirt. Why he can’t simply roll his sleeves up rather than cut them off is beyond most of us.”

“But only Bacary Sagna gave Vic any support over the issue.”

“It didn’t help that the shirts were ones with a poopy on, that are sometimes auctioned off to raise money for charity.”

With Flamini’s actions being thrown in to the media and his shirt being so different from his team-mates, there’s a chance that it could sell for more than the rest which would have seen him do a good deed after all.


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