Martin Keown – How Arsene Wenger manipulates Arsenal board

Martin Keown has offered an insight into how Arsene Wenger manipulates the Arsenal hierarchy.

The Frenchman has forged an incredibly powerful role at the north London club that has made him virtually unsackable, despite a long period with relatively little success. The Gunners have not won a league title since the 2003/04 season and with the Premier League trophy looking out of reach for another year there are growing calls for him to go.

Much of Wenger’s status at the club relates to Arsenal’s switch from Highbury to the Emirates, a move masterminded by 67-year-old.

In discussing Wenger’s inevitable departure, whether this summer or later, Keown explained how the tactician pulled the strings of the decision makers at the club in relation to the stadium move.

‘Wenger, should be made to be a part of the management structure that comes in. Somebody in the same mould,’ the former Arsenal defender told the BBC. ‘Because he’s been such a part of the decisions that have been made there – the new stadium, that was Arsene Wenger’s idea. There may be a group of people at Arsenal who claim to have had that idea, but Arsene Wenger’s clever. He puts the idea out there, let’s other people believe it was their idea and then goes from there. That club is a huge story of success.’

Despite a growing sense that this could be Wenger’s final season with Arsenal he insisted after his side’s 2-0 win over Hull yesterday that he has no plans to stop.

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