Major Blow For Arsenal As Court Says NO To Building Plan

According to Daily Mail the Appeal Court has rejected Arsenal’s appeal to be allowed to build 25-storey building next to the Emirates Stadium. The paper reports that “three top judges unanimously rejected an appeal by its property arm Ashburton Trading Ltd. to build the tower in Hornsey Road, Islington.”

Before now, a local government planning inspector had originally given approval of consent for the tower, claiming it would not be out of order with its environment, which is not far from the Emirates Stadium.

The club had claimed that its intention to build the proposed tower is a part of the regeneration of the area where the stadium is located. The club said such plan would not be out of place; and therefore requested that the Appeal Court to restore the permission granted earlier.

The Appeal Court, whose three top judges unanimously agreed to dismiss the club’s appeal, said the judge’s decision was ‘unimpeachable.’

All three judges were unanimous in accepting the judge’s findings that was not fit in with the policy of the Islington that buildings 30 metres were ‘generally inappropriate’ to the ‘predominantly medium to low level character’ of the area.

The Appeal Court’s verdict now means that the club would not be able to continue in its quest to build the 25-storey building near the stadium.

If the plan Appeal Court had given the go ahead, the 25-storey tower block would have been built on Hornsey Road, which is not far from the current location of the Emirate Stadium, which is located in North London; in Islington to be precise.

This judgement delivered by the Appeal Court may not go down well with some Arsenal fan who by the way do not seem to see anything wrong with the club’s idea or plan to build the 25-storey building.

The club had maintained that there was nothing wrong with its plan, and the building was too tall. The management of the club also emphasised that the 25-storey building, when completed would fit in perfectly into the environment.

Now that the Appeal Court has made a verdict contrary to the club’s desire to build the 25-storey building near the stadium; the club has no option but to forget about it and move ahead with other plans.



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