Luiz Suarez Set To Dump Arsenal Over Champions League Fears

Luiz Suarez

In a news that will shock Arsenal fans, Arsenal’s number one target Luiz Suarez may well turn his back on the gunners as he fears there is a good chance they will not be playing in the champions league next season. Dean Jones and Tom Hopkinson of Sunday People are reporting that although Luiz Suarez is keen on leaving Liverpool and has made this known to the management of the Anfield lords but he retain fears that Arsenal may well be playing in the Europa league and not the champions league next season.

Arsenal are not fully in the champions league yet as they still need to navigate a tricky 2 leg play-off to reach the champions league proper. Though Suarez is of the believe that Liverpool have not done enough in the transfer market to convince him that they stand a chance of making top 4 next season, he still does not want to face the embarrassment of leaving Liverpool for Arsenal and then still not play in the champions league because the gunners have not made it through.

The paper also reports that Suarez has been talking to his close pal and National team mate Edinson Cavani who just joined PSG in a 53 million pound deal.

Cavani said: “We have been speaking a lot and, while I can’t tell you everything, I can tell you that he is desperate to start playing Champions League football.

“Liverpool already know that, though, because he has told them.

“I think if he thought Liverpool would qualify for Champions League football next season he would stay but, with the other top teams in England adding players, he doesn’t think Liverpool have the resources to break into the Champions League spots.

“I have said before one of the most complete strikers in the world needs to be playing at the top level and I hope Liverpool understand that.

“He doesn’t want to leave on bad terms because he respects the club and fans, but he needs to achieve his dreams in the game.”


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  1. Arsense wenger should do all he can to secure the deal as soon as possible cause I fear we will miss out on signing the only avaiable proven striker should real madrid enter the race to sign him

  2. I dnt jux knw wat wenger is doin,42million pounds is 2 much 4 suarez,dat moni wuld ave sign williamz n higuian earlier n stil ave sme reminder dat culd ave alxo sign jux xo sick n tired of AW transfer,all I want is 4 august 17th to fast approach. GUNNERZ 4 LIFE

  3. If we do not qualify for the Champions League Suarez, and you have signed for Arsenal it would be because you did not score the goals. Think about it. Score the goals and you will play in the champions league. It is time to pu up or shutup. Don’t tell me you are doubting yourself?????

  4. This is the 2nd site I have seen to report this and on NEITHER have I read a SINGLE comment to support the point.

    I don’t believe that Arsenal will sign Suarez, but I am dissapointed in reading stupid articles that appear to have no foundations.

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