Jack Wilshere’s Fitness Worries Hodgson


With club football going on hold owing to the international break, managers of national teams have started loading their rifles ahead of the crucial World Cup qualifiers. Hodgson has expressed optimism over one of England’s key players Jack Wilshere.

“I’m hoping that he’ll turn up on Monday fully fit to play, and then it’ll be up to me to decide whether I want to put him in the first team and the starting line-up,”

“Just as I guess Arsene, every week, has to decide ‘do I put him in the starting line-up or do I play someone else in front of him?’

“He’s in an Arsenal team at the moment with competition for places in midfield that’s very strong, anyway. But he’s an important cog in our midfield thinking.”

“I don’t really have a concern,”

“My concern over Jack has always been whether he is actually physically fit to play or whether he’s suffering from an injury.

“I’ve been led to believe that he doesn’t suffer from that injury. He missed a lot of football, didn’t he? It was a year and a half then he had to have another top-up to the operation this summer.

“For a young man, he’s had an awful lot of serious injury problems but the way that Arsene has managed him since will help us.”

It is obvious that Wilshere will feature prominently for England in the forth coming qualifiers and in the world cup proper should England qualify. I however hope he is handled with care during the international break. The same way they need him is the same Arsenal need him. It will be foolishness for Hodgson to pay him for the entire minutes of both qualifiers. He spoke of how well Wenger has managed him, hope he doesn’t mismanage him.

England need him just as much as Arsenal need him and considering his history with injuries in recent time, it will be great if both managers find a way to both protect the lad from any further injuries.


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