Ivan Gazidis Confirms Wenger Has Been Stagnated But Now Has Money To Spend


Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal’s chief executive, believes Arsene Wenger finally has the financial power to make Arsenal win again. The Gunners have fallen behind in recent years as the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City have soared past them.

The difference between Arsenal and the other three clubs is that they haven’t had the money to spend while Chelsea and Manchester City have unlimited funds while current champions Manchester United have the finances to pull of major transfers.

When the Gunners could compete with the clubs in the transfer market, they were big competitors and were one of the best in the country. Despite their decline, they remain Champions League regulars and after a long wait, they are finally able to match their rivals in the transfer market.

So is this the comeback of Arsenal Football Club?

The club have been linked with players such as Wayne Rooney, Gonzalo Higuain and Marouane Fellaini which is a good start. Each player would break Arsenal’s current transfer fee record when they splashed out £15 million for Andrey Arshavin four years ago. Arsenal are proud of their transfer dealings but are willing to up their level to bring in the best players.

The Gunners current wage structure sees top earners Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski earn around £100,000-a-week, a wage that is average at other clubs. While that is admirable, their rivals still have the upper hand as they can offer the player more wages.

Gazidis insisted Arsenal would be a force in the market now as they are able to offer both good transfer fees and wages. “The manager is not scared to spend money but he has to believe they are top-class players who will add to the squad.Can I guarantee he will spend all of that money? It depends on the talent. The key is having players Arsene believes in, adding them to the squad and making sure he has a cohesive squad he believes in.” He added “I accept we haven’t done that over the last few years. We have essentially been very consistent – we haven’t slipped backwards and we haven’t gone forwards. We need to go forwards.”

Gazidis attracted a lot of criticism last season but his words are very true and reassuring. Although Arsenal now have money to spend, they are not going to throw it away, they will analyse where it is best to spend it and if it is worth it, if they feel they come across a player who is worth the money and wages then they will spend. He also states that Arsenal are still a big club but they need to progress and not see fourth place as a success.


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  1. Is the board really going to be offering Rooney £200K+ a week wages? Will Fellaini really ready to accept the same wages as Aaron Ramsey!?

    Funny that the club has all this money now to spend on players. Considering a year ago they couldn’t even offer V Persie a new contract close to the wages that they are willing to spend on Rooney this year. (My my how much has changed in a year)

    The Board is not backing there manager, I think he has had enough and will be managering PSG next year.

    Just sad to see a very good young team being broken over the last two years and then the board announces that we can put player on mega contracts…. Why didn’t they do it two years ago instead of spening money on players that is continued to be loaned out. Park, Chamak, Bendner Denison and so on…

    Your actions are all too late Mr Board member!

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