IS Fellaini Actually Worth 23 Million Or Is Arsenal’s Old Habits Set To Hurt Them?


Could this really be happening again? Is Arsenal destined to miss out on yet another target because of their money conserving philosophy? Surely Arsene Wenger has learnt his lessons from the potential purchases of Juan Mata and Gary Cahill, where by if he had stumped up a few more million, Arsenal would be sitting a lot more comfortably with the current chelsea players.

If reports are to be believed, Arsenal are again playing these games with Everton in regards to triggering the release clause of Marouane Fellaini. A player most Gooners believe will be our new Viera and is a must, no matter what the price.

The suppossed fee for Fellaini is quoted at between £22-£24 million. A fee which everyone would agree is a large amount of money, but an amount Arsenal can now easily afford. For a player of Fellaini’s ability, I believe this fee is more than warranted for Everton’s best player. Especially when Arsenal are crying out for a defensive midfielder.

Arsene Wenger is one of the most clued up managers around and will always try and hide his desire for players he would love to see in an Arsenal shirt. By going on record and stating he’s going to match the release clause in Fellaini’s contract would just alert other clubs on the lookout for quality players to Fellaini’s situation and create a bidding war, which is not Arsenal’s favourite thing to participate in!

Gooners need not panic, as this time of year, newspaper websites are just trying fill empty spaces on the back pages (with quoteless and sourceless articles) as it’s currently off season and they still need football fans to buy their paper and click onto their website. Arsene Wenger is aware that this transfer window could be the most important ever since debuting at Highbury in 1996.

Arsenal have a knack of announcing things later on in the picture and are always pulling unexpected transfers and deals out of the blue to pleasantly surprise us. This summer will be no different as I have a good feeling Gooners everywhere could be in for a landmark announcement regarding our signings and our giant sponsorship deal with Puma.

Arsenal Football club will again emerge quietly from the shadows, keeping as quiet as possible so not to alert other poaching clubs of their interests and deliver the footballing world the news that AFC are back and are shooting straight back to the top with Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis stating at a recent Q&A with the Arsenal Supporters Trust: “We can extend our revenues to around the £300 million mark.”

With that amount of money generated, the price for Fellaini is certainly not an issue.



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  1. I wish there are sport-websites that does not talk about arsenal transfers. Boring boring boring !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes he(Fellaini) worths more than £23m. Wenger should be careful before another team steal him under his nose and he will pay dearly for it when the season begins in august.

  3. Mr. Fellaini, go to the club that really need you to be part of their dreams in building a winning team, not a club that want you to come just to beautify their team. That team is Arsenals, they need You more than ever, to be part of a winning team next season. Mr Wenger should sign Him and stop playing Tom and Jerry, before other team snup Him up, then He ”Wenger” will come and tell the fans that he try to sign but the player want to else where, because the player himself say He would dream of playing in Gunners but waiting for Wenger to cash on Him.

  4. Plz o mr wenger go an sign fellani oo am beggin u and dnt allow order clubs tu snash him frm u oooo

  5. I’m begining to be sick of hearing arsenals transfer issue. Been a supporter of arsenal, when it comes to issues of Wenger and his transfers i just feel its the same old stories. He sees a good player, delays and then finally looses the player to some other club. Remember, Ibramimovich, Drogba, Juan Mata etc. Fellani is a player with more than 6years of EPL experience not to mention his ability to be a game changer anytime any day. Arsenal needs a no nonsense and disciplined defensive midfielder. Now they see one with lots of experience and yet still choose to delay. I really don’t get this whole Wenger transfer policy.

  6. Wenger knows how to dance around talented players without any serious bidding .Just like hazard,mata,Gary cahil,CR7,Ibrahimovic all wanted to play 4 wenger bt arsene block then wit his stingy attitude.I hope fellaini wil nt be like that.Wenger shd stop scouting 4 other clubs.Stop this mess.

  7. Yes..We need Fellaini…at the moment we lack a physical player of Fellaini’s calibre compared to plastic Diaby.

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