I Wanted Suarez At Arsenal – Cazorla


Arsenal’s Spanish midfielder Santi Cazorla has spoken out his desire to see Suarez teem up with him at the Emirates. The Uruguayan was a subject of a double bid from Arsenal in the summer but Liverpool stood resolute, refusing to sell. Hear him.

“Suarez’s incredible. I’d have loved it if he had come; his style would have suited us,”. “Arsenal did all they could and he wouldn’t have minded.

“But Liverpool didn’t want to sell, which they’re entirely entitled to do, and he’s playing incredibly again.

“It’s a pity he’s not on our team! [Arsenal] saw some doors shut and, when they saw the chance to get Mesut, it was an opportunity to thump a fist on the desk, to make a statement. He’s a superb signing. He’s brought illusion, optimism and hope.”

“Suarez’s incredible. I’d have loved it if he had come; his style would have suited us.”

“I spoke to friends of mine at Madrid who told me that Mesut was talking to Arsenal and that he wanted to leave,” added Cazorla.

“You think, ‘How are Madrid going to let Mesut get away?’ He’s one of the best players in the world and the truth is you don’t really believe it.

“Then one day the manager said to us, ‘We’ve signed Mesut, he’s going for his medical’.

“I was like a little kid.

“I knew that a great player was coming and that because of the way he plays, he was going to be a perfect fit for us.”

Cazorla resonated what Arteta said recently and guess that’s the same thoughts amongst the generality of other Arsenal players. Giroud had in the past expressed preference for the Liverpool man ahead of Higuain who was also an Arsenal target. With the high rating that the key players in the Arsenal team have given Suarez,he could yet be tempted to make a switch to the Emirates. Another transfer window opens in the less than 5 weeks and Arsenal’s need for a new striker has been well documented. If the love he felt with the fans could make him stay put, the huge reverentce he has amongst the top players at Arsenal could make him switch to Arsenal. Hopefully, Wenger would make a good bid, one that Liverpool would find hard to resist.

He also spoke about Ozil and what he said about him showed him off as a humble player and gives a pointer to the fact that there will be mutual respect between both players. With Ozil and Cazorla preferring the same role, fear has been rife that there could be unhealthy rivalry between both players but with his declaration that he felt like a kid when Wenger announced the impending arrival of Ozil, it means Cazorla believes he doesn’t know it all and wants to learn, he believes the German could also help him improve as a player.


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