“I Want To Score At Least 20 Goals This Season” – Aaron Ramsey

Aaron RamseyAaron Ramsey is halfway into his targeted goal haul for the season courtesy of his goal against Liverpool yesterday. His sublime effort against the Reds yesterday not only sealed victory for Arsenal, it also took the Welshman into double figures for the season. Ramsey already has 10 goals in just 14 appearances for Arsenal. What a record. The Welshman revealed his target while responding to questions from Jamie Redknapp on Skysports.

“You talk about Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard; do you even think about getting to 20 the way it’s been going for you so far?”

To which Ramsey confidently responded:

“Yeah. I’m feeling very confident so every opportunity I am getting I am feeling good to have a crack on goal and they’re going in at the moment. So you know I’ve looked up to players like that [Gerrard and Lampard] over the last ten years or so and the amount of goals that they get is quite remarkable so that’s what I’m aiming to do”

Well said Ramsey. I believe that Ramsey could even get more than the targeted 20 goals if he manages to stay fit. Arsenal will be looking to play at least 45 games this season and have so far only played 14 with the Welshman having 10 goals already so it isn’t out of place to believe he can score more than 20 goals in all competitions. With the style Arsenal are employing, one that gives the former prodigy the opportunity to join the attack and his ever willingness and readiness to strike from a distance, he will surely get some more goals.

He need not limit himself to the standards set by Gerrard and Lampard when he can achieve more. He just needs to keep doing what he has done in the past 14 games and he would get similar results.

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