I Want Napoli To Beat Arsenal – Gervinho


Former Arsenal star Gervinho has told the press in Italy he wishes Napoli good luck against Arsenal which probably means the Ivorian will like to see Npoli getting one over the gunners.

The former gunner was quoted as saying : “I had lot of affinity with Wenger but more with Garcia. I wish good luck to Napoli vs Arsenal, hope Italians progress in Champions”.

The striker who has been in great form for Roma ever since he left Arsenal also used the opportunity to once more criticize Wenger for “not giving him enough chances” when he was in England with the gunners.

He said: “I was not happy with the playing time that I was granted by the coach, I need to play to improve my game.

“Wenger was not ready to give it to me. Wenger? He would have to help me and show more confidence in me.”

It seems Gervinho can’t stop criticizing Wenger unfortunately us Arsenal fans and I am sure the Roma fans who are sincere know Gervinho actually got enough chances but fumbled several times and like Wenger said, he was sold as a result of the fact that he lost confidence. How Wenger is to be blamed for his poor performance on the pitch is something Gervinho may have to explain to the fans.


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