I Learnt So Much From Cesc Fabregas – Wilshere

jack-wilshere_2454003bJack Wilshere feels he owes a lot to Cesc Fabregas for the player he is today and has claimed the Spaniard is the best player he has ever played alongside.

The 21-year old has had an injury plagued start to his Arsenal career but did manage several appearances playing with Fabregas before the midfielder left for Barcelona in 2011. Despite playing with talents like Santi Cazorla, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard, Wilshere still feels the 26-year old remains the best player he has played

“The best player I ever played with is probably Cesc Fabregas.”

“I only got to play with him for a year before he went back to Barcelona but I learnt so much from him – the way he knew what he was going to do with the ball before he got it and his passing – and he scored goals.”

“Also, he grew up at Arsenal – he got in to the first team at a young age, which is something I wanted to do.”

The young midfielder has already amassed over 100 appearances for Arsenal but could have almost doubled that figure had he not been kept out for 14 months between August 2011 and October 2012.

He is currently on international duty as he prepares to help England qualify for the summers World Cup in Brazil. With Ozil now at Arsenal, Wilshere can only get better as he now has a player as good as Cesc to learn from.

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  1. Jack will do better in the double pivot Arsenal Midfield when he play in the DM role and Aaron as the CM. He though doesnt like to play there, he is better than Aaron in that role. His passes are more intricate and needful to build our attack from defence. He also commands a lot of resistance with his hard marking. But, he faces too much horrendous tackles when he tries to run with the ball through the midfield as a CM or CAM. He doesnt also cover well enough for Aaron when playing as the CM. Moreover, Ramsey is more combative, and from the CM will makeup well for DM-Jack to make thick cover for our backline. We cannot afford to loose Jack to another long lay off by exposing him to delibrate horrible challenges in the middle of the park. With Wilshere behind, powerhouse Ramsey runnig box-to-box, as Giroud is holding up play for Santi and Rosciky to provide necesary weapons for Walcott, anyone can then tap in goal the Arsenal way! Earstwhile, Vermalean will only captain games when he starts, he however should remain behind Per and Koscielny… Diaby’s contract will not be renewed, I want to beleive that he is just been best helped to atleast serve out his contract! Bendtner should have been sold. Park Ju-Young deserves some chance in all fairness to him.

    1. Your comments shows you are too far away from Arsenal “Hub” to understand things. It sounds as though you’re probably 5,000 from Emirates Stadium or London Colney Training ground and DO NOT UNDERSTAND FIFA is different to REAL game. Anyway, as a fan, you are entitled to remain in fictional character…provided you don’t smear the team with that those “Star-Trek” line of thoughts.

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