“I do not always understand Wenger’s selection process” says aggrieved striker

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has come under serious scrutiny over his selection that has left his team struggling.

Olivier Giroud has told the media in France that he does not always understand Arsene Wenger’s choices while explaining why he was out recently – a torn muscle in his calf.

Both comments come as a surprise. The first because it’s not normal for a player to say this sort orf thing and the second because there was no indication from the club that he was injured (and was even included in the squad).

“In the last important games, I was in delicacy with an ankle,” he told Team Duga on RMC via Google translate.

“I hesitated to take an injection to cure the inflammation. But I tore the muscles of the fibula that protect the ankle on the left. So we could not make that injection that would have saved me time.

“It needed rest.

“Against Chelsea, I almost did not make the team sheet. It was the same for the next two games.

“I was on the team sheet and the coach saved me. I did not even come on. It is something that has made talk in France. So here I give you the explanation. It is clear and simple.

“After the trip to Bayern, we made the decision to put me on rest. I have had two weeks to look after myself and I hope to be done with these physical problems.”

Revealing that he had been given a two-week rest after the game in Munich, Giroud also added, “I had discussions with the coach and of course I prefer to be on the pitch, to bring my stone to the building.

“At times, the coach makes tactical choices. Of course, I do not always understand them.

“But it’s also about being a competitor.

“We must always question ourselves.

“Do not be happy not to play, that’s normal. Otherwise, it would mean that I have nothing to do with it.

“I always want to bounce back. And when the coach called on me, I showed him by being decisive when I came in. “


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