“I Believe We Are Much Better. Our Young Players Have Gained Experience And Maturity”

Arsene WengerArsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the current Arsenal team is much better than the Arsenal team of 2 years ago.

“I believe we are much better. Our young players have gained experience and maturity,”

“The consistency of our results since January shows that. We are capable to be consistent and that is always a sign of quality, especially in the Premier League.

“The feel-good factor is down to what I have said many times; the quality of the spirit of the team, the solidarity of the players and the desire to do well. We are a team that looks to be successful, which needs a special hunger, and I think we have that.

“We have room for improvement and being in a position we are in at the moment, knowing we have that is of course a good thing.

“In life you can always improve and that search for improvement is what can make a top-level sportsman or top-level team.

“Collectively, the way we win the ball back and the use of the ball offensively we have room for improvement and for more consistency, and that’s what you want from your players.”

“What is important is that we go into the game and focus on our quality and our performance,”

“That is more important than focusing on Dortmund. If we play at our best we will be difficult to handle for everybody.”

I can’t but agree with Wenger. The current Arsenal are better than the Gunners of 2 seasons ago. Despite loosing two key players (Van Persie and Song), Wenger has been able to adequately fill the void. Giroud might not be as clinical as Van Persie but his defensive display and willingness to bring his other teammates into play has made Arsenal a better side. We now have more goals outlets than we had then. Then, it was Van Persie getting all the goals but this season, we have spread the goals round; Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere have all recorded goals this season.

Also, we are in a good vein of form. The good run didn’t start this season but a continuation of last season’s form. The acquisition of Ozil has also made Arsenal stronger. It is difficult reading the Gunners because of the depth of attacking midfielders on offer at the Emirates. With Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arsenal are very difficult to read. In the past, we used to depend on just one of them as the creative outlet but now, Arsenal have 3.

Also Arsenal now have a natural midfield enforcer as against when we used a makeshift defensive midfielder. The presence of Flamini has added more solidity to our defence unlike when a pseudo-defensive midfielder was asked to anchor the defensive department our midfield.

Finally, there is increased depth in the squad now. The only area where Arsenal might not be spoilt for choice at the moment is in the striking department where we have only Giroud as a top notch forward but despite that, the current Arsenal side is still a massive improvement from the Arsenal of the past. We now have 3 players that can the defensive midfield position unlike then when we had just 2.

Despite losing to Dortmund, I believe this Arsenal team will go on to do something great this season.

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