How i failed Alexis Sanchez – Pep Guardiola

Beginning this season, Arsene Wenger has resorted to playing Chilean star striker Alexis Sanchez as his point man and this has largely payed off.

Former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola reckons Sanchez’s best position is as a centre forward and he admits using his wrongly during their time at Barcelona.


The 27-year-old has already scored 12 goals in 16 Premier League appearances and has been in scintillating form since shifting to a central striking role for The Gunners.

Arsenal will face Barcelona later today and the Gunners will have the opportunity to close in on the gap between they and Chelsea.

And Guardiola has admitted he stunted Sanchez’s progression by not playing him through the middle at Barcelona.

‘He played really good in Barcelona but normally when you play with [Lionel] Messi all the players behind him are not at his level,’ he said.

‘I think the position Arsenal are using him as a striker, in front, it is perfect for him. In Barcelona maybe I didn’t help him too much because he played wide. He can do that but he is better between the lines, closer to the goal.

‘In some moments he played there, especially one game against Chelsea in the Champions League semifinals. He played as a striker and after 40 minutes we went 2-0 up but it was an unlucky game and we lost and Chelsea reached the final.

‘He can play there and in several positions — left, right. He is a fighter in spirit, he is a character, he is a winner. He is a class, class player and now he is playing really well.’



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