Here is Why Arsenal Transfer Dealings Are Dragging

Arsenal squad 2013-2014The summer is all about new transfers and pre-season friendlies. But some transfers drag on for months whereas others are completed within a week. Why do some deals take longer to complete than others.

The quickest deals are the one’s where one club has activated a player’s release clause. It means the club the player belongs too has no say in the deal and it’s up to the player and buying club to negotiate a deal. Normally this sees a bigger club offering for the player so personal terms are agreed quickly and because the parent club has no say, the deal is completed fast, like Mario Gotze’s switch to Bayern Munich.

Deals take longer when clubs struggle to agree a fee, players don’t agree to personal terms and when more than one team is interested in a player. Clubs also don’t like to bid for players unnecessarily, which is why clubs can be strongly linked with players without making a concrete offer for them.

The two most important parts of a transfer is the transfer fee and the players wages, once these have been agreed, a transfer is virtually complete however there are still other things to finalise. Agreeing a transfer can take time with the club’s having to meet various times to discuss the terms of the deal including any extra clauses involved. Some clubs have football directors or club presidents that also need to confirm the deal and deals agreed between the two managers may not be approved by other key club members.

Agents are also a big problem. Some have the best interests of the client at heart and are quick to finalise deals with the clubs they want to play for, Jesus Navas’ move to Manchester City was completed while he was playing at the Confederations Cup. Others looks to invite clubs to offer for their players and so even when a good club comes in, they advise them to keep their options open.

Cesc Fabregas’ move back to Barcelona along with Neymar’s switch to the Catalans were long transfer sagas which could have been finalised a lot earlier if the players and representatives been honest from the start. The whole world new the pair would move to the Blaugrana but it took seasons for the pair of them to actually make the move because they were waiting for better offers or for other clubs to outbid Barcelona to raise the fees and agent takings.

Currently Arsenal are waiting to hear news on Gonzalo Higuain. The clubs have agreed a £22 million offer and the players has also agreed personal terms however these were all reportedly agreed weeks ago. The key rival club in the deal have signed a ‘replacement’ leaving a straight forward path for his transfer, yet still the club haven’t released confirmation of his signing.

This could be because paperwork still hasn’t been completed, Carlo Ancelotti hasn’t sanctioned the deal, Higuain wants to stay at Madrid, Madrid are waiting to sign a replacement before letting him go or because the deal has infact collapsed. This is very unlikely with the player admitting he wants to leave and Florentino Perez backing that up. Many sources have indicated his move to Arsenal is close including his brother and the CEO of Juventus, who were after him too.


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  1. This is not the main reason, Arsenal is dragging the deal.


  2. There can be some domino effect at times.
    eg before selling a player under long contract the selling club may wish to be reasonably confident of having a decent replacement lined up.

    Akin to a property chain at times I guess.

    Agents ..well they are of course primarily motivated by lining their own pockets with cash. The world would probably be a better place without them. Picture for example a FIFA mandate banning agents and instead channelling all the cash that would have been paid to agents into youth development instead. Unlikely to happen of course.

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