Henry Picks Arsenal Legend As The Best Player He Has Ever Played With

Thierry Henry Newyork Red Bulls

Thierry Henry was answering some questions on the Twitter Q&A for MLS. When the former Arsenal legend was quizzed on the best player he ever played with, he simply declared the Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp.

It is a surprise that the former Arsenal striker opted for the Dutchman despite the array of talented players that he had the privileged of playing with. Henry has played with Pires and Kanu at Arsenal, Zidane in France and Messi, Eto’o and Ronaldinho at Barcelona. What made Bergkamp better that the other stars mentioned?

Talent is obviously not an issue here because all of them were massively talented. Most of the aforementioned players are big players, they help live football tickets websites and clubs sell match tickets, shirts and other stuffs aside from actually helping their clubs to win laurels. They are all big name stars. But why has he chosen Dennis Bergkamp ( the god ) ahead of the others? I think it’s because the Dutchman was selfless, preferring more to assist Henry than scoring and taking the glory. Also, the fact that both men are Arsenal through and through might have won Henry’s heart. despite Henry moving away from Arsenal, it is a known fact that he loves the club and holds them highly, ditto for Bergkamp who retired at Arsenal after a meritorious service.

That wasn’t all Henry revealed at the Q &A, he also declared Highbury as his favourite hunting ground. For someone that has played in my stadia across the world, the choice of Highbury speaks volume. He scored some great goals there and also goes further to underline the fact that he is really Arsenal through and through. Those two key answers hold a bearing to his stint at North London.

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