Great news about Lucas Torreria’s injury

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Arsenal fans can breathe a sigh of relief after it was revealed that Lucas Torreira was substituted at half-time against Mexico as a precaution.

The midfielder was seen during the second half with an ice-pack strapped to his calf but speaking to the Uruguayan radio station, Sport 890, the Uruguay u20 manager Fabian Coito who is in charge of the senior team for this round of friendly matches, confirmed his removal had been precautionary.

Speaking after the match, Coito said: “The intention was to maintain the way it works (with Oscar Tabárez, their usual manager).

“The criterion was to give continuity to what had happened the last time. It was a nice game (against Mexico). There are things that we learned inside the group.

“I took Torreira out as a precaution. He told me I’m with the twin a little loaded.”

I have absolutely no clue what that last bit means but left it in because sometimes Google translate is more entertaining than it needs be. Whatever it means, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with Torreira and he should be in decent condition for the game against Newcastle on Saturday.

Uruguay defeated Mexico 4-1 on Saturday with goals from Luis Suarez (2), Jose Gimenez and Gaston Pereiro overwhelming the hosts’ opener from Rul Jiminez.

Torreira started the game for the visitors but was replaced at the break by the manager.

The midfielder enjoyed a decent first half with a 93.8% passing accuracy.

Speaking recently, Gilberto Silva, a player many feel Arsenal have only finally replaced this season, said he hopes Torreira can have the same impact for Arsenal as N’Golo Kante had at Chelsea.

“Can he have the same impact as Kante? I hope so,” the former Arsenal midfielder told Standard Sport. “The Premier League is not easy. You have to work hard to be considered a top player and progress game to game, season to season. 

But he’s got the potential. We saw that at the World Cup, where he did a great job for Uruguay.

“I watched him in the World Cup. He did a very good job. If you see the way he plays, he plays the game very simply, he makes things easy for him on the field.

“He gives protection to the back four and support to the guys up front, he tries to find the best spot to be. The protective instinct is very natural for him.”

“Before [Torreira] arrived none of the other players were the kind who would sit in front of the back four. It’s a hard job, not everyone wants to do it.

“It’s about how smart they are to play at this position, to find the best ball to give, play nice and simple.”


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